C10 is an experienced e-commerce
solution provider focussed on
international brands


Established in 2014 through Collaboration

Founded in 2014 as a collaborative joint venture project between STRICTmobile,  XCEPTANCE and formerly BE EXCELLENT, our inception was driven by a shared vision: Consolidate our core competencies and offer customers a comprehensive assortment of services tailored to meet diverse needs. Today XCEPTANCE and STRICTmobile are the two shareholders of C10.


The core of Xceptance’s mission is the meticulous pursuit of quality. The team comprises specialized professionals deeply immersed in the world of QA. Xceptance is armed with advanced testing frameworks, methodologies, and tools to ensure that customer’s software and systems meet the highest quality standards. From functional testing to performance testing and test automation, quality is ensured.


STRICTmobile is your 100 percent mobile commerce specialist partner. STRICTmobile solutions stand for innovative mobile commerce at the highest level. They combine comprehensive functionality with complete customizability and offer first-class performance for smartphones and tablets.


Our work is built upon a select set of pillars: teamwork, expertise, trust and quality. These values define our services and are reflected in the results we deliver.


Teamwork and Collaboration at the Core

At C10, we believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration. Our consultants work hand in hand with our customers to bring their vision to life. We listen attentively, understand your goals, and collaborate on solutions built on trust and partnership.


Ensuring excellence

We have more than 20 years of experience in building complex, highly scalable and performant e-commerce solutions for upscale customers. Our software engineers and architects have a deep technical knowledge of the platform and system landscape.


Basis of collaboration

In everything we do, we rely on trust. Trust in our customers, employees, and partners drives our company and enables us to succeed together. We are interested in sustainable relationships. We always strive to form “one stable team” for each customer project, with team members from customer and C10.


Where philosophies are advocated to shape change


Our Commitment, Your Assurance

We place our trust in quality, with a team of professional, highly qualified, and experienced test engineers dedicated to upholding the highest standards for the software we create for our clients.

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